• Is the TWSBI Jr. Pagoda mechanical pencil actually good?

    This plastic mechanical pencil feels surprisingly substantial. But is it any good?

  • Saying ‘no’ to buying all the things

    I’ve always like using good pens and pencils. I had just never fully realized it. Let’s be real: anytime you decide to spend more than $3 on a pen you’re already doing something that 95%* of consumers are not. So we’re all strange beasts. And let’s also concede that being able to select from what’s…

  • The dreams of the forests

    The dreams of the forests

    Pencils are pretty freakin’ cool. You have in your hand a little stick that is alive with thoughts and ideas and the ancient dreams of the forests. Also, it smells pretty great! And yet, I’ve been taking them for granted all my life. Partly because regular office and supermarket pencils that you find in the…

  • One strange habit

    One strange habit

    I blame Brad Dowdy.