• LOOM Love

    LOOM Love

    I wasn’t expecting any of this.

  • You should buy this $10 pen

    You should buy this $10 pen

    The Zebra G-750 retractable gel pen feels tough and looks cool.

  • Going for gold

    Going for gold

    I had been on the lookout for my first gold nib fountain pen for some months. But I never expected that I would end up with a Sailor. I had mostly been looking at different Pilot models, because I think they make among the best in-house nibs from those I have tried. Except for the…

  • Get bent!

    Get bent!

    While the days are slowly getting longer we are still deep in winter here. February tends to be the coldest month in these parts. We’ve even gotten some good snow recently, which has not been the case the last two years. I’ve been using dark hues and finer nibs all week for my work notes.…

  • Saying ‘no’ to buying all the things

    I’ve always like using good pens and pencils. I had just never fully realized it. Let’s be real: anytime you decide to spend more than $3 on a pen you’re already doing something that 95%* of consumers are not. So we’re all strange beasts. And let’s also concede that being able to select from what’s…

  • Here’s the deal with Jinhao fountain pens

    A short review of the Jinhao x750, Jinhao x450, Jinhai 922 Translucent, and the Jinhao 159.

  • One strange habit

    One strange habit

    I blame Brad Dowdy.