You should buy this $10 pen

I’ve been on a bit of a Zebra pens kick lately. They’re easy to find at your regular big box store, and there seem to be more models easily available all of a sudden. My most recent buy is the Zebra G-750 retractable gel pen.

This is a hefty, stealthy, brass-barreled pen that feels substantial and tough. The gel ink glides and slides wonderfully on paper. Even the knurling on the grip section is good. The clicker is satisfying and the small red icon in the finial is a nice touch.

The pen looks great to my eyes. But it’s not perfect. The hex barrel looks and feels great, and I wish they had made the grip follow the same format. Alas, it is a rounded grip, which throws off the style of the pen a bit.

I’ve also read that the refill can run out quickly. I can certainly see how that could happen. It lays down a very dark, thick line from Zebra’s thin JK refill.

This pen is a nice upgrade to the G-350. The 750 does look a lot cooler with its slimmer barrel and knurled grip. Though you can currently get a package of two G-350 pens, along with two separate blue and red refills, for about $7 in Target. The 750 will cost you between $10-$12.

A look at the brass barrel innards.

If I had to choose though I would get the 750. It’s a better writing experience and just looks cooler.

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